I Need
“When I’m alone in my room sometimes I stare at the walls and in the back of my mind I hear my conscious call, telling me I need a girl as sweet as a dove, for the first time in my life I see I need love.”

Wait-a-minute…That was when I was 16…romantic…thought the world was fair.
I’m a grown man now…with grown man needs.

I need a women who looks like a lil girl
Knows how to talk sweet, like I’m the center of her world
Is charming on the sly and seem ever so shy
That’s all I need, to help me get by
With me as the water, that nurtures her flower
Causing her petals to open and blossom at my touch
I don’t think I’m asking for too much

I need a woman that acts like a lady
Who I can take around my friends and she won’ act shady
A lady poised, refined and debonair
Handle any situation with savoir faire
An example to little girls and envy of all women
Don’t get me wrong, she better throw down in the kitchen
A lady real genuine, honest and true
That’s what I’m talking bout, yeah that’ll do

I need a woman that’s an undercover freak
Not 24/7…who am I kidding, ever day of the week
I need a freak, not scared to get down
Soon as I hit the door all I hear is ‘scrub the ground’
When I come home after a hard days work
She knows how to unwind me, playful lil flirt
Great me with a drink to end the day
Lets me chill and relax, before she got something to say
Knows how to let loose the sexual demon
Keep the windows foggy and the bed sheets steaming
When I awake, don’t know if I’m dreaming or in real time
Looking down at this sexy lil dime
Don’t get me wrong I’m not a selfish man
I return the favor as best I can
Feasting on her mound and spicing up the sheets
With that sweet nectar that she secretes
I make her eyes water at the mere thought of sex
She knows that shivering and moaning is what’s coming next
I put it down like a Mack, like a real man should
Don’t worry about other nigga’s cause if they could
Do what I do and rock her world like me
They be the top dog MC
But that’s my crown, the title I’m holden
Cause I keep that thing hot and the pussy lips swollen

I need a woman who aint addicted to the drama
Fine ass, sexy lil mama
Open lil girl I keep her head in a fantasy
Sexy lil girl she keeps my head in her fantasy
I lace her with game and revolutionize her world
Keep her moist and wet, my sexy lil pearl





Not Your ego but your psyche

Do not be surprised if you begin to feel a tingle

As I stroke your ethereal being

My words whispered in your ear like stereophonic headphones

Stroking your ego-librium


A light caress upon the spine of your desire

The softness of silken fingers awaking passion

A downstroke causes the juice of life to flow

Energy and vigor secrets its joy

A light throb of anticipation escapes


In a single move I desire to plunge into your depths

But not all at once

Like unknown shores these waters must be taken slow

Rhythmically I penetrate the curtain of silky pleasure

Pools of wonton lust invite me deeper


Coated with the lubricities of our embrace

A back and forth, give and take begins in earnest

A stroke of genius is implanted deep into your core

A stroke of insight shows our future

A stroke of lightning sends shivers thru your very being

A stroke of destiny smiles upon our embrace


With my fingers I try to taste the essence of your being

With my lips kisses of passion enliven your soul

My tongue traces out lines of pleasure across your body

My embrace fuels the furnace of our love

As my steady stroke takes us to the climax



She is desire he is wonder, never the two shall meet

She desires to be posessed and held in passionate esteem
He wonders how he could ever be worthy

He has lustful thoughts for her, he dare not speak
She has thoughts brazenly wonton, that needs to be coax to the surface

She has wells of passion yearning to flow
He wonders if he can merely make her wet

He is stiffened by the mere sight of her but hides his shame
She desires the bulge and craves for it to fill her till she can take no more

She longs to tell him of her scintillating fantasies, the depth’s of her yearnings
He wonders how she’ll react to his caress

He wants her in the worst way his body screams for relief
Her body wants him in the worst way, her fire burns hot

Her desire rises from the innermost depth of her being,
Spreading out to the tips of her toes and fingers

Tho engulfed with flames of passion
The waters of life flow inside them

Her body has become an infinite orgasm awaiting the cosmic code
He wonders how to unlock this mystery

He watches her breast heave sensuously, and desires to suckle
He feels the heat rising from the core of her being and desires to fan the flames

He wants her in the worst way
But has no idea how to tell her

A proper lady would slap a man for having such fiendish desires
A proper lady wants him to slap her on the ass and tell her of such fiendish desires

Man and woman
Desire and wonder

She desires a man who’ll allow her to be the sensuous woman she is
He foolishly wonders if her lust can match his

If men knew all that women think,
They’d be twenty times more daring.

A man simply has sexual thoughts
A woman is sexual thought

testing the waters

Water, Ice, Snow


lover, friend and leader

My words of wisdom flow, I have finally learned their value

I see the future ahead of me and take my rightfull place

the change from boys to men comes with understanding

Im sorry you had to wait so long but now Im ready


You see i did not know what was required of me

what you wanted, needed and demanded, I could not fathom

Now I understand the responsibility that I must take

I now claim it with understanding and not ignorance

I am no longer learning on the job, but master of my craft


I see that I must lead you in all the ways that you yearn for

I must be the water that soothes your soul and wash away the pain

I must be the source that fills your wells and allow passion to flow

an oasis of pleasure and river of thought orgasm’s

I journey deep into you canals to find our treasure

the elixer of life I give freely to u


Like the artic shelf I realize I must be a strong foundation

when hard times cum u must be able to firmly rely on me

when the storm hits u must know I will not falter

I will be the voice of cool reason when times get heated

when emotions are scorched I will be an ice cube of relief

When you are hot and bothered, ill cool your fears

When you are hot and bothered, ill stoke the flames


Like the first snowfall, ill give you excitement and wonder

our footprints will track our journey thru life

an adventure into the fresh unknown will be our doorstep

like snowfall replenishes the soil

my words will refresh your heart

My thoughts ideas and knowledge will penetrate your mind

My words of wisdom will stroke your psyche like a caressing finger


A finger on the teasing pearl button of your desire

I am ready to be all things

water, ice, snow, different yet all springing from the same source

Lover, friend and leader

bringing life into balance and passion to the fore

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